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DIGITAL-WORKPLACE Administrator Course

Course Information

1. Common Office Practices  

This module will introduce trainees to the common office functions, departments and  processes that take place in an office. Basic office etiquette will also be discussed.  

2. Basic Administrative Processes  

This module will ground trainees in the necessary skills and understanding to carry out a  range of common administrative tasks in offices. They will develop this skill set through  concept-building, demonstrations and hands-on practice.  

3. Best Business Writing and Communication Practices in English  

This module will facilitate the increasing of English language proficiency. The aim is for  trainees to speak and write accurately in simple, functional English in order to fulfil their  administrative roles. Various modes of communication will be practiced and honed with  special attention given to communication strengths and gaps of different disability-types.  Trainees will also acquire basic customer service skills through practice and role-play  sessions.  

4. Communication Skills for Workplace (3 days)  

Communicate with Any Sized Work Team and external parties 

– Present Ideas & Thoughts in A Confident Style with Clear and Understandable Manner  – Understanding Cross Team Conflicts and be Better Prepared to be a Supportive Team  Members  

5. Practical Digital Skills for Business Administrator (practical) – 8 days 
Trainees will acquire skillsets and gain confidence in the use of digital tools to support office  operations and increase team productivity. They will be introduced to some commonly-used  digital tools for offices and will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning and  practice with some of these tools.  

6. E-Commerce Administration – 4 days (Lab Lessons)  

Given the ongoing digitization of business in Singapore. Most company have their own E commerce website and would require administrator to manage the day to day  administrative function of their E-Commerce website. 

This E-commerce training is conducted using our in-house simulated E-commerce platform  specifically build to train the trainees on the various administration tasks required of the  backend of an e-commerce website  


7. Introduction to Social Media for Business – 4 days  

Social Media has make a profound change to the business landscape with many companies  investing heavily on their social media presence. This introductory course aims to achieve  the following:  

Basic understanding of the usage of social media for business  

Basic social media administration such as setting up business page  Learn strategies for driving traffic into social media page  

Learn how to use online tool to build content for your social media page  

8. Preparation for Job Interviews – 5 days (3 Days of Theory + 2 Day Simulation) Objectives 
Job interviews are daunting to almost everyone. The first step to that is searching for  suitable jobs to apply for. There after, it’s writing a unique and concise resume to be  considered and shortlisted. Then, you prepare and practice for the upcoming interviews. Our  sessions will take trainees through the entire process in the following steps :  

* Search for suitable jobs 

* Improve trainee’s ability to write a strong resume 

* Facilitate the preparation and practice of responses to common interview questions 
* Stimulate trainees’ awareness of relevant personal strengths and appropriate  evidence 

* Increase trainees’ awareness of possible areas of improvement in personal  presentation during an interview  

9. Basic Event Management – 5 days  

Companies run many internal and external events yearly. Administration personnel are often  task with the organising and logistic of these events. Through our experience working with  PWDs, we find that many of them do not have opportunities to attend many large scale  social events and the expectation of managing such events is a daunting task to many of  these PWDs. These segment aim to expose them on the various tasks and areas in event  management 


10. Simulated Teamwork assignments – 4 days
(Conducted in Sg Enable’s classroom) 

Provide real-to-life simulated practice to hone trainees’ skills in executing a range of
administrative tasks.

Course Duration & Dates
Application Period:
1 Sept 2021 – 1 Dec 2021

Shortlisted Applicants Informed:

2 Dec 2021


Successful Applicants Confirmed:
3 Dec 2021 

Start of Course:

10 December 2021

Application Period:

1 Sept 2021 – 1 Dec 2021

Shortlisted Applicants informed:

2 Dec 2021

Successful Applicants confirmed:

3 Dec 2021

Start of Course:

10 December 2021